Saturday, November 8, 2014

BALI 2014

Its been two weeks since I got back from my 5 day trip to Bali. It's crazy how fast time flies without us being conscious of it. I can still remember the 6th grade version of me, with the hideous haircut and braces scrolling through my facebook home feed looking through pictures of 10th graders of that moment having their stay at Bali and getting jealous. Fast forward and I was counting down the weeks to that trip as a 10th grader myself, then I'm busy packing the day before and just like that, its all over. 
The whole trip consisted of long bus trips, sunnies, swimming in our hotel's tiny pool, pretty sunsets, making fun of the tour guide (not in a mean way), water slides, hunting for cute surfer guys, the ocean and a hell lot of sunscreen. Even though I came back probably 3 shades darker than I naturally am, I'd kill to go back and clear my mind away from this hell in disguise we call 'school'. Being thrusted with piles of test papers, extended late hours of more studying, waking up at deadly hours feeling half dead, and constantly being reminded of our upcoming exams followed by a sarcastic 'but its your problem if you get a low mark and don't want a future' remark. Really, we should be given a week break to let reality slowly sink in rather than this dramatic transition from the blissful trip.

This is a picture diary of the whole trip in pictures and there are ALOT of them, mind you. I don't know why I'm posting so much of them cause who actually enjoys looking at pictures of someone having fun? But since this blog is basically a ghost town, here you go:
Day 1
It just hit me that this is probably the last trip I'll ever have with this bunch of people and I've been with some of them tracing all the way back to Kindegarten-1.
Look at us, having leis around our neck like a balinese, getting all prepped for the days to come
Day 2
If you thought this blown-up boat offered us a relaxing stroll along the ocean then you're wrong because me and Oriana literally almost died several times. Let go of the flimsy plastic handle for one second and you'll be flying off into the waters while the boat speeds off leaving you behind. This ride will you make you looking like you just survived a tornado when all you did was sit and scream.
Dramatic recounts of the traumatising ride and thanking God on the fact that we're still alive.

Paid 50k for a terrible tattoo that I didn't even like
Winny and Zennia's all tatted up
Of course I'd be looking at my phone at times like this
Day 3
Probably the worst place we went, some conservation area entirely for mangroves. We spent about an hour in a depressing room trying to stay awake listening to the man blabber on about these plants that apparently grow on coastlines, but he's a really nice guy fortunately
Looks better than it taste. There were still bits of hair stuck in the chicken which really affected my appetite to be honest
These birds have the prettiest colours in them.
Day 4 ( I don't think Git-Git Waterfall happened on the 4th day but I can't remember exactly what happened on which days so I'm basing it on the different outfits I'm wearing. Anyway, that doesn't really matter)
Just had to include this picture of Mr Rommil doing the typical 'arms outstretched pretending to push walls' tourist pose
Me focused on my phone (again)
"Guys ,everyone pretend to look at the water, it makes a cool photo."
Me and Winny's attempt to be all tumblr-ish
Day 5
This was a pretty dramatic day for me because it was 4 hours straight of extreme water slides. I have a strong fear for heights and a mild one for water slides so I have to give myself credit for actually facing them. Let's just say the end of the day, I was left with a very sore throat
Cynthiani braided my hair+ Bryan getting his hair done next
It was also Lin's birthday that day
Day 6
Airports and long plane rides
Leaving the calming ocean breeze and striking orange sunset for more mental torture that awaits us at home.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Make Me Wanna Die

Happy Halloween 2014!
I've always loved the idea of halloween ever since I was exposed to the whole concept of it through movies and stories. The whole anticipation of deciding what to dress up as, and having one whole night to roam around neighbourhoods demanding for candy from strangers (the only time its okay to accept candy from strangers). This goes without saying but obviously, 'trick or treat'-ing isn't probably going to happen in Medan for awhile considering how our houses are located and how uptight and strict medanese parents are. As if my mom would ever let me out at night dressing up as tinker bell going door to door for candies when I was 8 years old. Even if she did, people would most likely stare and shoo me away instead of having a basket of sweets ready to for me. Sigh. This is one of the many reasons why my childhood is wasted in this place.

Our school had a Halloween 'party' last Friday that was mainly arranged by the prefects team, me included, although the only help I contributed to the event was scooping away all the gooey slime from the deformed pumpkins. I feel like this 'party' only acts as an excuse for the whole school to dress up cause it honestly did not feel like one. It was basically half of the school awkwardly standing around the MPH in their own clusters under the dim lightning, not much of 'partying' going on. I, being the lazy uncreative girl I am, ended up going as a cat after hoping I'd come up with something more unique and failing. But really, all you need is a pair of cat ears and there'll be no confusion on what you're dressing up as.

I have to admit I came mostly for the cool pictures of me and my friends dressed up as different characters so here are some I've managed to snag from my friends' phones because my iPod's camera quality is starting to disappoint.
Bryan the chinese mafia
Me and Winny both went as cats+ Zennia as Zoe Benson
Jerrick as Gomez Addams
When the camera flash makes everyone look drunk, put on a black and white filter.
Julian as Jigsaw
Me and Nick. I forgot what he dressed up as but it involved a cigarette hanging between his lips

 Cat girl and Zoe Benson
Justin went as this character from this one movie that I can't remember, but he wore a really cool mask
 Ryo has no idea what he dressed up as either hahaha
Mr. June
 Calvin a.k.a Jack Skellington (?) ( This is the only picture taken with my iPod and you can clearly see the vast difference in quality. This is me indirectly telling my Mom I need a phone hehe)

Hope you all had a great Halloween cause I kinda did