Sunday, September 7, 2014


This post means nothing. These are just pictures I finally imported from my new Samsung NX mini camera and uploaded. To those of you on the fence about buying this camera, here are pictures I've taken and you can judge them for yourself.

Monday, August 25, 2014

carry you

I spent 3 days at singapore for a short visit cause my 'dear' sister seems to still be unable to accept the reality of her new surrounding even after 8 months of studying abroad. She has literally been infecting my mind with her endless list of 'reasons why you WILL regret studying abroad like me' for the longest time, and she tends to over exaggerate her discomfort it's kind of working. I used to brush her off but now I'm honestly terrified for my time to leave home so thanks a lot sis.

 Seriously though, I don't get or understand her 'pain'. I mean yeah, I bet the whole school and academic pressure must be overwhelming but Singapore is great man. You can go out with hot pink hair half shaved, paint on a unibrow and people will barely glance at you but here, if you so much show a bit of skin, people be losing their manners and straight up whisper and stare as if you have 3 heads. Not to mention how different shopping is there especially with the granted access of the MRT. You can spend a peaceful time revising for a chemistry exam at Starbucks without anyone interrupting your concentration but here, its hard to get out without meeting around 15 people you know ( what are you talking about Sel, you have no friends). But what can I say, when you share a room with an obnoxious little sister who sings at the top of her lungs, clutter the room with her junk and dirty clothes and stay up till 1 am with all the lights on for 17 whole years you're bound to miss her presence *winky face*

Guess what's inside this big ass pink paper bag?
I was practically squealing with joy when these thing caught my eye cause I've been hunting them down for ages. By my ecstatic reaction, anyone would think I'm a really good skater who is just excited to finally get her board when in fact, I'm just one of those people who find pastel penny boards pretty and can barely skate a metre long without stumbling at the floor. Oh well.

I look tired and dried up because I spent the whole last night bawling my eyes out and getting 0 sleep.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

dead to me

Trying to keep up the habit of blogging frequently turned out to be a lot harder than I expect. I wish I had a cooler excuse like "oh, I have too much fun things happening in my life I forgot to blog" rather than the loser fact that school is trying to eat away my soul.  I had actually promised myself to get rid of my bad habits and start fresh on my attitude towards school seeing how 10th grade is a crucial year and how impressive my grades were last year (I'm being sarcastic). Nothing extreme yet though, just those simple 'I WILL do my homework, and ' I will concentrate in chemistry class' goals to start me off. Well, that lasted about 3 days, because here I am, still frantically copying down the Math homework due today in discreet while the teacher is in front discussing about air pollution. Either that or trying to act all casual and interested while secretly scrolling through Instagram in my iPod. Honestly, I blame it all to my short attention span; I can't stay focused and stare at the board longer than 10 minutes because thats when whatever the teacher is saying starts to sort of tune out and when I'm on a silent battle on forcing to keep my eyelids open. I can never do my homework without a song on full blast or a TV show episode streaming in my laptop. Also, living life as a student is a heck load of struggle if you think about it. After 7 hours of absolute hell and dealing with my school's ridiculous rules, I'm straight off to tuition for another extra 2 hours of 'education' because I'm dumb. I reach home at around 7-8 pm, and after showering and having dinner, it's already 10 pm. It should have been my well deserved time to surf the internet as I please but oh wait, I can't,  because I have 2 english essays and 3 pages of math problems due tomorrow. Which means I have to use my brain think and I bloody hate thinking at night.

I could go on because if I'm passionate about anything, it would be my hatred towards the whole idea of 'school' but I don't want to seem like an ungrateful brat. For now, here are pictures of me wearing my head dress in different angles but with the same pissed off, irritated expression.

 pictures by my sister


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

every evening

This summer has been especially disappointing for me. But honestly, what did I expect? It's not like I was gonna experience the whole 'summer' concept western movies seem to portray. A sizzling hot summer that involved me spending weeks lounging by the pool, having fun bonfire nights, pump out and go wild at raves and concerts, snorkelling under turquoise waters and finally learning how to surf OR even though its HIGHLY unlikely, have a romantic summer fling with some hot surfer guy with abs and nice eyebrows I would 'run into' at the beach like those cliche movie scenes where everything is in slow-motion, who'd take me on cute disneyland dates (hey, a girl can dream though).

Instead, I had gone weeks NOT stepping out of the house, constantly moaning at my mom about how bored I was in this miserable city and spend the next 12 hours doing absolutely nothing productive in my computer. Which is why I made up my mind and decided that throughout the summer, I have to at least spend a day at the beach. Just one day, you know, to give me a bit of the 'summer' vibe I think I deserve. We did take a 5 days trip to Penang where I was supposed to soak in my day at Batu Feringgi Beach, but that didn't work out because apparently, my body decided this was the perfect time for me to fall sick. I'm not talking about a slight headache that goes away after a pill or two. No, I'm talking about being sick to the point I actually threw up at the streets, giving passerby and passing cars full view of me gagging out my morning breakfast (ew). Basically, while my family spent their 5 days filling themselves up with delicious Penang food, shop around the malls and take strolls by the ocean breeze, I was caged up alone in the hotel room, either hibernating under the covers, forced to watch the awful Upin and Ipin cartoons or taking another dreading trip to the bathroom to throw up again. Let's just say, rushing to the nearest hospital emergency room at 2 am in the morning was definitely not on top of my summer to do list.

Despite feeling like shit and looking like a walking corpse, I still managed to grab a few pictures:

Daddy Irwan

We stayed at 3 hotels, one of them being 'Eastern and Oriental'. This has been one of my favourite hotels ever as it really gives you the feeling of being whisked back to a classic era. 

Awkward family picture of 3/4 of the Irwans

See ya x