Tuesday, July 22, 2014

every evening

This summer has been especially disappointing for me. But honestly, what did I expect? It's not like I was gonna experience the whole 'summer' concept western movies seem to portray. A sizzling hot summer that involved me spending weeks lounging by the pool, having fun bonfire nights, pump out and go wild at raves and concerts, snorkelling under turquoise waters and finally learning how to surf OR even though its HIGHLY unlikely, have a romantic summer fling with some hot surfer guy with abs and nice eyebrows I would 'run into' at the beach like those cliche movie scenes where everything is in slow-motion, who'd take me on cute disneyland dates (hey, a girl can dream though).

Instead, I had gone weeks NOT stepping out of the house, constantly moaning at my mom about how bored I was in this miserable city and spend the next 12 hours doing absolutely nothing productive in my computer. Which is why I made up my mind and decided that throughout the summer, I have to at least spend a day at the beach. Just one day, you know, to give me a bit of the 'summer' vibe I think I deserve. We did take a 5 days trip to Penang where I was supposed to soak in my day at Batu Feringgi Beach, but that didn't work out because apparently, my body decided this was the perfect time for me to fall sick. I'm not talking about a slight headache that goes away after a pill or two. No, I'm talking about being sick to the point I actually threw up at the streets, giving passerby and passing cars full view of me gagging out my morning breakfast (ew). Basically, while my family spent their 5 days filling themselves up with delicious Penang food, shop around the malls and take strolls by the ocean breeze, I was caged up alone in the hotel room, either hibernating under the covers, forced to watch the awful Upin and Ipin cartoons or taking another dreading trip to the bathroom to throw up again. Let's just say, rushing to the nearest hospital emergency room at 2 am in the morning was definitely not on top of my summer to do list.

Despite feeling like shit and looking like a walking corpse, I still managed to grab a few pictures:

My complexion isn't at its finest as you can see.

Daddy Irwan

We stayed at 3 hotels, one of them being 'Eastern and Oriental'. This has been one of my favourite hotels ever as it really gives you the feeling of being whisked back to a classic era. 

Awkward family picture of 3/4 of the Irwans

See ya x


Monday, July 21, 2014


Jesus this feels unnatural.

 I can't remember the last time the thought of me logging on into my blogger account to update a well deserved post to a bunch of strangers online has ever crossed my mind. To be quite honest, I don't even remember why I thought it was a good idea to set this blog aside seeing how it used to be a big part of my life. I mean I started blogging from 2009, flooding this blog with daily posts of my childish ignorant opinions and vivid detailed accounts of my day that nobody even cares about. This blog was a BIG deal to me, it was the stepping stone of my internet addiction yes, but still I committed heck loads of my effort to it. It was more like a personal journal of a dumb 11 year old who clearly doesn't know that some things should be kept offline  rather than a blog that's worth your time to visit. But despite that, I'm not gonna lie, this blog DID have active readers, more than you'd think a blog stuck with the address 'http://www.selinathebest.blogspot.com' would attract. It's still a wonder how people managed to take me seriously when I had that ridiculous, conceited web address for 3 whole years. That itself speaks a lot on how demented I was as a 5th grader.

But now I'm back (hopefully I don't get bored and quit again) just simply because I miss the thrill of blogging. I miss how I'd dash home from school, make myself comfortable in a chair and spend the next 10 minutes furiously typing just whatever I had on my mind at that moment. Its crazy how easy words seemed to flow out of my hands and I could write just about anything and I mean ANYTHING.
 3 years ago, I would have no problem writing a wordy blog post about something as random as 'kitchen utensils' and now, I could come home from a luxurious trip to Paris and still struggle to come up with words to describe the experience.  Like now, I'm constantly stopping at mid-sentence and doing a weird finger dance at the keyboard while racking my brains on what to write. 

My point is, I just feel like this was the perfect timing for a fresh start. I have 2 weeks left of 'summer' break before I start school as a 10th grader and I've always loved the idea of having your own little customised website that you have complete control over. In my case, I've decided to make this a life journal blog, not that my life is exactly a roller coaster and worth sharing but I figured I could just toss in a few pictures to fill the gap as I already have a lot lying around my laptop. The part where I actually write stuff, thats the hard part. I've barely picked up a book the whole summer so I figured this blog could act as a training practise for my writing at the same time. At this point, I don't really care if I only have 3 people scrolling through my blog cause thats partly my fault for abandoning it for a loooooong time.  But anyway, I guess I've said nearly everything I need to say. Obviously I still need to sort out the whole layout and get rid of the ridiculous tacky header I have right now but for now, here's a picture of my cutie patootie pupsie fur ball:

Yes I have a puppy now, a mini pomeranian called Lemon.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pop that lock

 The holiday period my school has granted us is about to expired and all it made me realize is how much of a loner I am. Aside from our 4 days stay at Singapore, the rest of my 'summer' is basically composed of me rolling about in bed like a sloth, having a 'criminal minds' marathon with my sister, getting all fussed up at 'Candy Crush' and.. wow, I guess thats pretty much it. Seems like I'm more pathetic than I thought I was since no sign of any events that actually involved humans can be seen in my summer holiday 2013 account. Well, I've actually planned to pick up the habit of swimming and cycling again to kill time since I'm as weak as a twig. But being the lazy ass I am, everyday is either 'too hot' or 'aw, too bad, its raining, I guess no more swimming time *feigns sadness*'

The only part in my body that managed to get some excercise are my eyeballs, really, after all those wasted hours hypnotised at my macbook screen. Oh, my Mom also got us a private yoga instructor to come by every monday and wednesdays since she noticed that my spine was getting more and more 'shrimp-like'. I am no yoga enthusiast but from what I've heard, yoga was widely known to be relaxing and calm. But the 2 hours I had was nothing more than hell and torture. We were instructed to bend and twist our bodies into disorted shapes I didn't even know were possible. The worst part was I am the only one who sucked in the room, so basicallly I was like a little helpless dumb chicken clueless at every thing around me. Seriously though, how the hell is it normal for a human to bend like those folding chairs, kissing and embracing their own ankles without bending their legs? I cant even reach for my toes without cringing.

Well, here's a stream of pictures before I disappear from the face of this blog again tehee:
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these are edited by my sister AND ITS THE BEST THING EVERRRRR

was feeling all artsy at one point

Sunday, July 7, 2013

unfortunate events at singapore

•Woke up really late and caught what medanese/indonesian would call 'masuk angin'  so I was occasionally 'croaking' and finding myself interrupted in the middle of talking by my own self, which looks really stupid if you happen to be wondering.

•I grew a pimple the size of a ladybug overnight located right in the middle of my nose for all the world to see. I'm not even joking , there are soo many areas that would be slightly more acceptable for a pimple to inhabited, but even my own body find the need to make fun of me. Whats worse is it's impossible to ignore since the size is just outrageous, the first thing anyone would think if they saw me would be 'oh my god, what is wrong with that girl's nose oh bloody hell!'

•A waitress at Crystal Jade restaurant accidentally drenched my glassful of soy milk when she 'sashayed' away from our table too fast. So I was basically sitting there with soy milk around me while strangers mopped me up despite my protests that I'm fine. Oh, and we also had to go all the way to forever21 to buy a top, which means I had to be seen in public with a large stain as if I had an 'accident' and getting the icky feeling of my clothes plastered to my body. At least I got new clothes though ehehe

•Since my sister had to go visit a few schools for her future academic, we litrerally had to take 16 MRT stops (STANDING THE WHOLE TIME) and walk what seems like a freaking mile to get to one of them.

•At one certain ride stop, it was on a busy hour so the MRT train was really cramped and packed with people. Since I was standing, there was this man wearing a tank top and he was grasping at the top handle thingy next to me for support. Long story short , his hairy forest armpit was  practically centimetres away from my face and my eyes didn't really have anywhere else to escape. I had to hold my breath and turn my head slightly away to avoid looking rude while my sister hides her face from laughter. But god, that was a dreadful sight. No offence random striped tanktop and fedora hat man.

•When we finally reach a school to the point I was panting and grasping my mom's arm for support cause I have the stamina of a 80 year old, the school had closed up for the day and also forbidded us to have a tour around cause we didn't make an appointment.  A day that could have been spent for shopping was wasted, just like that. I blame the waitress.

•At a mall afterwards,  there was this stall selling types of hair straighteners, curlers and hair beauty products and a lady there offered us a demonstration. I guess she misunderstood my request cause I ended up with awful  tornado curls at one side of the hair. Again, long story short, I ended up looking like a poodle for the rest of the night.

•It rained heavily that night. The journey back to the hotel had some obstacles since I remember groaning as I walk through deep puddles, reaching up to my ankles. My slippers that were initially bright orange turned dark crimson red and wouldnt dry for 2 freaking days.

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