Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Had a 3-days getaway to Bangkok last week which would've been great if we had stayed till Christmas because Medan is doing darn good at being festive for that long awaited day.
Mom: "I hate it when you do this pose, you're always covering your face."
Cute chair
I just love they go all the way with their decorations. Really makes up the atmosphere.

Not really

When you tryna take a picture and some rude ass lady decided to walk right past
 "My Love from the Spiderweb"


Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Tell Me

Merry Christmas to anyone reading this
I really don't know whether I'm just an ungrateful brat or that life just sucks a taaad bit right now. It's supposedly my Christmas break, where I would usually envision with me making snow angels in the snow (duh), strolling through streets taking in the beautiful christmas-y atmosphere with christmas tunes playing softly, wrapping up gifts with pretty paper, baking gingerbread cookies or although its waaaaay impossible to even consider, getting some mistletoe action. See, these things aren't in fact anything out of the box, they are typical things people usually do during their Christmas break so it's just frustrating that I don't get to experience any of the whole Christmas vibe mainly because of school. Yes, I'm on vacation and it's supposed to be a sin to even think about 'school' but considering how my prelims exams are in a month, it's not like I have any choice but to force myself to finally memorise all those ridiculous math formulas and chemistry notes (that will most likely do nothing for my future because like hell am I taking anything related to that for my career).

My Christmas 2014 was pretty shitty and I guess the weather hates me cause it decided to rain heavily (of all days) and triggered more of my bad mood. Sorry if the impression you get of me from my posts is a crabby and bitter girl who does nothing but complain, I guess I'm in that period of my teenage hood where everything just sucks.

My sister's white backdrop came today so she did a few test shots with it, a.k.a an excuse for me to wear a santa hat and knee high socks during Christmas:
 This is Coco.  I really don't know what breed he is. His birth certificate says 'poodle' but I took him to the vet and I was told he's in fact a 'maltese'. Either way he's adorable.
Jesus, my knees look like a failed product of photoshop
 Coco's fur are so out of control you can barely see his eyes
Don't worry I did not forget Mayo
photo creds to Kat

Also a short music video we filmed during the short shoot:

Merry Christmas once again!