Tuesday, July 23, 2013

best post ever (not)

Well, thats it, You can call me an official 9th grader by now, though its only the second day and I'm already missing the slightly carefree year 8th. I'm not sure if we're now seen as big mature students or simply no sympathy is given to 9th graders because it has only been 2 days since we left our laidback carefree month-long holiday and I'm already bringing home stashes of homeworks in my backpack. 
Seriously? Would it take so much for you to wait a matter of a week to give us time to slowly 'adapt' back to this hell on earth before you go on feeding us about all the rules and consequences that'd if we go over the limit? Or go showering us with your dictionary sized textbooks and getting straight into teaching?  Cut us some break for gods sake, not tryna' be cheeky but I bet Im not the only one who feels like shooting themselves in the head with the fact that school is starting.
Okay, I'm just really sad to be forced to face the fact that I'm already 9th grader, I hate growing up :(

with cousin Mila and featuring a blurred Alex in the background!
((if you happen to question the weird chinese opera-like eyes I have, we were actually filming some sort of silly parody to a movie trailer))

((p.s its not the official 1D vevo video as VEVO was being an ass with all that copyright infrigment issue blah))

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pop that lock

 The holiday period my school has granted us is about to expired and all it made me realize is how much of a loner I am. Aside from our 4 days stay at Singapore, the rest of my 'summer' is basically composed of me rolling about in bed like a sloth, having a 'criminal minds' marathon with my sister, getting all fussed up at 'Candy Crush' and.. wow, I guess thats pretty much it. Seems like I'm more pathetic than I thought I was since no sign of any events that actually involved humans can be seen in my summer holiday 2013 account. Well, I've actually planned to pick up the habit of swimming and cycling again to kill time since I'm as weak as a twig. But being the lazy ass I am, everyday is either 'too hot' or 'aw, too bad, its raining, I guess no more swimming time *feigns sadness*'

The only part in my body that managed to get some excercise are my eyeballs, really, after all those wasted hours hypnotised at my macbook screen. Oh, my Mom also got us a private yoga instructor to come by every monday and wednesdays since she noticed that my spine was getting more and more 'shrimp-like'. I am no yoga enthusiast but from what I've heard, yoga was widely known to be relaxing and calm. But the 2 hours I had was nothing more than hell and torture. We were instructed to bend and twist our bodies into disorted shapes I didn't even know were possible. The worst part was I am the only one who sucked in the room, so basicallly I was like a little helpless dumb chicken clueless at every thing around me. Seriously though, how the hell is it normal for a human to bend like those folding chairs, kissing and embracing their own ankles without bending their legs? I cant even reach for my toes without cringing.

Well, here's a stream of pictures before I disappear from the face of this blog again tehee:
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these are edited by my sister AND ITS THE BEST THING EVERRRRR

was feeling all artsy at one point

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday, July 7, 2013

unfortunate events at singapore

•Woke up really late and caught what medanese/indonesian would call 'masuk angin'  so I was occasionally 'croaking' and finding myself interrupted in the middle of talking by my own self, which looks really stupid if you happen to be wondering.

•I grew a pimple the size of a ladybug overnight located right in the middle of my nose for all the world to see. I'm not even joking , there are soo many areas that would be slightly more acceptable for a pimple to inhabited, but even my own body find the need to make fun of me. Whats worse is it's impossible to ignore since the size is just outrageous, the first thing anyone would think if they saw me would be 'oh my god, what is wrong with that girl's nose oh bloody hell!'

•A waitress at Crystal Jade restaurant accidentally drenched my glassful of soy milk when she 'sashayed' away from our table too fast. So I was basically sitting there with soy milk around me while strangers mopped me up despite my protests that I'm fine. Oh, and we also had to go all the way to forever21 to buy a top, which means I had to be seen in public with a large stain as if I had an 'accident' and getting the icky feeling of my clothes plastered to my body. At least I got new clothes though ehehe

•Since my sister had to go visit a few schools for her future academic, we litrerally had to take 16 MRT stops (STANDING THE WHOLE TIME) and walk what seems like a freaking mile to get to one of them.

•At one certain ride stop, it was on a busy hour so the MRT train was really cramped and packed with people. Since I was standing, there was this man wearing a tank top and he was grasping at the top handle thingy next to me for support. Long story short , his hairy forest armpit was  practically centimetres away from my face and my eyes didn't really have anywhere else to escape. I had to hold my breath and turn my head slightly away to avoid looking rude while my sister hides her face from laughter. But god, that was a dreadful sight. No offence random striped tanktop and fedora hat man.

•When we finally reach a school to the point I was panting and grasping my mom's arm for support cause I have the stamina of a 80 year old, the school had closed up for the day and also forbidded us to have a tour around cause we didn't make an appointment.  A day that could have been spent for shopping was wasted, just like that. I blame the waitress.

•At a mall afterwards,  there was this stall selling types of hair straighteners, curlers and hair beauty products and a lady there offered us a demonstration. I guess she misunderstood my request cause I ended up with awful  tornado curls at one side of the hair. Again, long story short, I ended up looking like a poodle for the rest of the night.

•It rained heavily that night. The journey back to the hotel had some obstacles since I remember groaning as I walk through deep puddles, reaching up to my ankles. My slippers that were initially bright orange turned dark crimson red and wouldnt dry for 2 freaking days.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

that power

by: Katina

This holiday has basically given me more time to curl up in a fetal position and getting all depressed about myself which obviously is not a good sign. Most of my friends are away at the moment, and I cant drive around town to entertain myself. 
Jeez, I could really use a week at the beach right now, soaking in the sea breeze and waking up to the sight of waves rolling into the shore. Not to mention escaping from the dreadful noise of men hammering, chainsaw-ing, and other noise produced when a house is being constructed right outside my window ughhh its obvious the word 'fun' just doesn't work with my life gahhhh

look how organized my desktop is right now hehehe

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Having a really tough time typing right now because my middle finger literally just got jammed/stuck/slammed/ or whatever you call it when both corners of two metal doors in your mom's bathroom slammed into my poor finger, causing me to yell out in pain. The pain was overwhelming at first as the corners of the doors were really sharp and made of metal it made a dent in my fingernail which now has a teeny purplish bruise in it ew. Plus I slammed the doors really hard cause I had no idea that was going to happen. So my finger was temporarily in a frozen state and I had freaked out cause I thought I broke a bone or whatever but thank god it only throbbed a bit and its all fine now (so I can play the internet again hooray)

 funny how I still find the energy and tendacy to tweet even when my finger is IN PAIN

•I have not left the house for entertainment purpose for a week
•Pyjamas are now my everyday outfits
•My summer is not made up of beaches, swimming, sun-kissed skin, staying up all night with friends or anything with 'fun' written in it like I had in mind.
•All my friends have gone to one month long vacation and left me alone here
• That is all

 In case you weren't here during my hideous brace face phase, here's a slightly bearable idea of how I look with braces on.

See that double eyelid on my right eye? I get those weird double eyelids all the time if I wake up tad later or get abundant sleep and they usually disappear in an hour or so. But its day 4 and I'm still having two different types of eye....


Friday, June 21, 2013

hoist the colours

My sister and I did a photoshoot like a week-ish ago when it was one of her 'hey the weather's pretty good today lets drive all the way to royal sumatera and snap some pictures' moments. Believe it or not, we actually took those pictures right at our school's parking lot, where a gabijillion mosquito families seems to have inhabited since 80% of the session was wasted on me getting pissed and slapping hard at random spots of my leg. Even now as I type, I'm currently scratching hard at my 'recovering' scabs so I guess I'm ending up with attractive sexy red polka dott-ed legs this summer. Great. Like who doesn't want to be seen walking around with 2 dozen mosquito-attacked holes pfft


Pictures by : Katina 

My sister takes forever to edit her pictures so I might constantly add a few more to this post in the future.

And I'm ending this post with one of the best thing the world has ever heard. I'm obsessed with this soundtrack.